Smooth migration of 64-bit Windows Vista/7 to a modern GPT/UEFI platform is now open to you!

Users of motherboards with UEFI support are now able to use large-capacity drives as primary drives and change boot mode from BIOS to UEFI without reinstalling Windows.

Home and small-office users who move their 64-bit Windows Vista or Windows 7 software environments from the dated MBR/BIOS configuration to a modern GPT/UEFI platform find that there is no simple way to replace and adjust booting without reinstalling the operating system from scratch. While Windows Disk Management supports conversion to GPT for empty drives only, there is no way to convert the system drive to GPT without losing any data. Windows Management tools do not provide an option to adjust boot files for UEFI, making it impossible for users transferring established data or system components within a single computer directly from a BIOS boot mode to a UEFI-based mode.

Paragon Migrate to UEFI was especially designed to cover all issues caused by migration to new UEFI-based boot mode, helping users easily transfer their data and significantly simplifying all system migration operations. In four quick steps, users can migrate a physical system to any new hard drive or a modern large-capacity drive, and use this GPT-partitioned disk as a primary boot drive. An easy click-through wizard allows users to select the source MBR system drive for migration to a new (up to 3TB capacity) drive and copy the data while the software automatically adjusts the system. Paragon Migrate to UEFI works with all 512 sector type drives, both external and virtual.

Paragon Migrate to UEFI is available for immediate download, FREE of charge as part of the Early Adopter Program. Interested parties are invited to run pre-production software to help validate features of the new technology.


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