CCB, Inc. Partners With Paragon Software to Offer Enterprise Level Data Security and Disaster Recovery Solutions at Nonprofit Pricing

The new partnership enables Consistent Computer Bargains, Inc. (CCB, Inc.) to help nonprofit organizations and small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) address their data security and disaster recovery needs with Paragon’s cutting edge technology at an affordable cost.

Paragon Software Group provides data security and data management technologies that address the requirements of CCB’s customers, including non-profit, academic, healthcare, church, and ministries, by delivering backup, disaster recovery, virtualization, migration, as well as system optimization technologies. Paragon products help CCB build powerful, yet affordable solutions for business continuity and increased IT infrastructure efficiency, but can also be used as stand-alone solutions.

“This is a great opportunity to take advantage of Paragon’s security and data protection solutions to help strengthen the nonprofit community by being able to reduce IT costs so they can focus more on what is most important to them — their causes…” said Chris Booth, CEO of CCB, Inc.

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