Paragon CEO To Discuss The New Paragon NTFS And HFS+ for Android And Other Cross-Platform Technologies At China Sourcing Fair

Paragon has identified some scenarios in interoperability between Android and three of the most popular file systems and introduced the solution which provides high-performance read/write access to these systems. “We believe that issue-free interoperability with the worlds of Windows and Mac provided by Paragon NTFS and HFS+ for Android will help vendors of Android devices to widen into new markets,” says Konstantin Komarov, Paragon Software CEO, to introduce high-edge cross-platform technologies such as the latest File System Compatibility Suite for Android at China Sourcing Fair, October 13-15, 2010.

With its deep focus on cross-platform technologies for operating systems and embedded kernels, Paragon is recognized as the first software developer to provide full read/write access between incompatible file systems.


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