Paragon Exchange Protection (PEP) Provides A Complete Protection Strategy For MS Exchange

The main challenge for a messaging administrator is to ensure business continuity by keeping a free flow of information through Microsoft Exchange, the leader of e-mail hosting today. Anything that threatens information flow gives rise to unplanned downtime and potential data loss.

Paragon Software introduces Paragon Exchange Protection –      a command-line disaster recovery utility for MS Exchange 2007/2010. Employing MS VSS API, it delivers comprehensive protection and quick point-in-time recovery of active databases with minimal effort.

PEP is ideal for small and medium business system administrators and IT professionals who need an affordable, yet reliable and inclusive, email data backup and recovery plan in place to provide 24×7 secure communication with employees, customers and partners.

The new technology component is available for free to SMB system administrators and IT Pros as part of the Early Adopter Program

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