New Paragon QNX Driver Embedded enables car owners to exchange data between embedded infotainment systems and digital assistants

Data Exchange Between QNX-based Media Centers and Laptops, Tablets and Desktop PCs Made Easy. The Largest Selection of Additional Cross-platform Tools for Users of Incompatible Consumer Electronics on Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Available at Paragon Portal

Paragon Software Group (PSG) announces the release of Paragon QNX Driver Embedded, the software solving compatibility and interoperability issues between QNX-based in-car infotainment systems and storage devices running on other operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS X. Paragon QNX Driver Embedded is targeted, foremost, towards middleware developers in the automotive industry who want to make the car owner’s experience as convenient as possible.

Paragon QNX Driver Embedded is based on the company’s proprietary UFSD cross-platform technology that enables any device to communicate and gain access to storage media regardless of file system type.

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