New Paragon Drive Copy 12 Professional — your key to flexible, easy and safe PC system copy or migration

Got a New PC or Upgrading Your Hard Drive? Copy or Migrate the System Physically or Virtually. Fastest Performance Automated Wizard Options with Minimum Involvement Included. Support for Windows 8!

Paragon Drive Copy 12 Professional includes all the latest migration and cloning technologies to perform any type of home or office PC migration, and ensure the fast, easy and safe transfer of partitions to all types of modern 2.2TB+ HDs or SSDs, or virtual system environments. P2V Adjust functionality make migration flexible and applicable for any complex virtualization task. The software may also be used as a cloning tool for getting an up-to-date HDD clone any time it is needed.

Hard disk replacement is always a tedious and complicated process that requires full Windows OS reinstallation and re-configuration, putting your data safety in jeopardy. When upgrading the operating system or moving to new hardware, taking the best of your old system is simple and safe with Paragon Drive Copy 12 Professional. The software guarantees the most capable and hassle-free computer copying or migration of any software and hardware combination.

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