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Dear All,

Have a look on the most wholehearted e-mail from “a very Satisfied Customer” to Paragon Software we was given recently. Read up to the end!

Not meaning to gush, but …..

A while back, I was having a problem with Windows XP, and the obvious solution was to re-install it. Sounds fine, but what happened is what I understand now has happened to a whole lot of other people. Windows didn’t re-install, it installed and duplicated itself as a second operating system on my second drive, and then I could not get into this new, schizophrenic Windows except in safe mode. Couldn’t even access the BIOS.

My son, whom I love dearly, is a techie for a subcontractor for IT company, and he is strictly a Mac and Linux person, himself … and after hearing my sad strory, he agreed that I would no doubt need to re-format and start over, but he was sending me a copy of Windows 7 – the 64 bit version – and once it arrived, he guided me through a solution, and I followed all his instructions and was informed by Windows that my CPU couldn’t handle 64 bit Windows – a statement the manufacturer’s specs dispute, by the way. And after cleaning up all that mess, re-re-formatted and tried to go back to Windows XP on a clean drive and install it until I could get the Windows 7 in 32 bit, and for some bizarre reason, Windows would not allow me a new partition for any more than 10GB, on a 500GB SCSI drive. I’d enter a larger figure and it would say “uh-uh” and send me back to the previous page until I got it right. So, I ended up with Windows in its own little partition .. and then several programs I re-installed never asked for a choice of drives and insisted on installing into the same drive as Windows, and I soon ran out of room. Okay, I started out in computers with a Commodore 64 … but it’s been along time since a 10 GB drive could cut it, and it sure don’t now!

NO PROBLEM, my son says, and ships me this nifty Linux program to straighten it all out, assuring me it’s “easy!” Just follow the instructions. So, I booted up with the program.. Which then ran steadily for two and a half days straight, telling me every sector in my drive was damaged and totally inaccessible until I finally said ENOUGH! Easy, this was not! I also didn’t believe it.

Got your demo today at the recommendation of several websites, starting with, liked it, bought a 10 day license, immediately downloaded the full program, installed it, ran it, and not 10 minutes later, I had two nice drives again, and didn’t lose a single bit of data. and everything is working beautifully. Less than an hour from the time I downloaded the demo to having my computer running along just beautifully again…. after over a week of efforts by all sorts of other methods. If I hadn’t already had grey hair, this last week would have done it, but your Partition Manager just did all the work and I didn’t pull out one single hair in the process. Didn’t even cuss, scream or slam my keyboard!

I can’t thank you enough … and being a widow on Social Security and already spending more than I should on the computer, I very much appreciate the consideration of your 10 day license at the considerably reduced charge. That’s an excellent offer that I am sure is an ideal solution for a great many of us home computer owners. I hope that I will not need your program again, but if I do .. you’ll be hearing from me for a renewal. And I will recommend your program to anyone else I hear has any sort of partition problem.

Thank you, from a very satisfied customer!

Jeannie Vaughan

Dear Jeannie,
thank you very much for your kind words and your willingness to share your positive experience! You made us “The Happiest Software Developer”!

Sincerely Yours,
Paragon Software


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