Dataccount, Inc. Partners with Paragon Software for Data Security and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Paragon’s Drive Backup and Partition Manager Products Provide Dataccount Clients With Data Security and Storage Management

Dataccount, Inc. provides business solutions for a broad array of industries throughout the Tri-State area, and has serviced clients for more than 15 years.

Dataccount, which acts as a virtual IT department for its client-base, is often called upon to maintain the integrity and availability of its customer’s data. The partnership with Paragon will enable Dataccount to increase its solutions for business continuity and increased IT infrastructure efficiency, and to use them as stand-alone solutions.

“We are delighted that Paragon has selected Dataccount to make these solutions available in the Tri-State area,” said Russell Frost, Principal of Dataccount, Inc. “Every business needs a scalable, reliable backup plan to protect their data, minimize downtime, and lower data storage and management costs. Paragon Software is a solution that delivers backup, disaster recovery, virtualization, and migration to help businesses protect their data.”

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