CES 2012 Flash: Incompatibility between digital multimedia devices is eliminated with Paragon’s UFSD Cross-Platform Technology

Paragon Software to Demo UFSD Cross-Platform Technology for Consumer Electronics Market Needs at Showstoppers @ CES 2012

Paragon Software showcases its Universal File System Driver (UFSD) – a cross-platform software tool providing full support for exFAT file systems in all types of consumer electronics devices, regardless of the platform on which they are running, at ShowStoppers @ CES 2012. Paragon’s UFSD technology solves incompatibility issues between NTFS, HFS+, and exFAT file systems and popular operating systems, including Android, Linux, ThreadX, and Windows CE. With Paragon’s UFSD support for all popular file systems built into modern digital devices, consumers can enjoy issue-free compatibility between their media centers, digital televisions, set-top boxes, or any digital device with USB, SD, or Micro SD sockets and those used to format storage media, such as portable HDDs, in order to freely playback recorded video and audio regardless of file system type.

Modern multimedia systems based on popular embedded operating systems provide the ability to play multimedia files. Common storage incompatibility issues arise when launching multimedia files from storage media formatted on Windows, Mac OS or from modern high-capacity SD XC cards on devices that do not support the media format, such as Linux multimedia stations that work only with FAT or Linux-native file systems. With Paragon’s cross-platform technology, barriers between multimedia devices and media file systems are eliminated, allowing users to enjoy multimedia devices that can write data to and read data from external media of any file system. Paragon’s UFSD technology makes it possible to process unsupported partitions to browse contents, read and modify files, copy and create new files and folders, and more, while maintaining high-performance read/write access and speedy file transfers.

For more information on this and other cross-platform solutions, please contact technology@paragon-software.com, or visit us at ShowStoppers @ CES 2012, Table B11.


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