Paragon Software and Insight Integrated Systems partner to bring a solution to companies suffering from storage perfomance issue due to partition misalignment

Paragon Alignment Tool Optimizes Systems by Aligning Affected Drives after Transition from 512-Byte to 4K-Byte Sector Partitions

Paragon Software has partnered with Insight Integrated Systems (IIS), a division of Insight Investments LLC, the industry expert in technology solutions and financing options, to provide the Paragon Alignment Tool (PAT) to companies suffering from disk drive partition misalignment. Insight Integrated Systems will also offer Paragon’s popular Hard Disk Manager (HDM) 11 Server for disaster recovery and as a cost-effective tool for system migration and virtualization projects.

With the transition from the 512-byte to the 4k-byte sector storage standard, many drives are experiencing performance degradation between 20 and 40 percent due to partition misalignment. Misalignment can appear under a number of different scenarios. For companies utilizing virtual environments, performance problems are amplified.

“As a leading IT services companies in the U.S., we are in the trenches working side-by-side with our clients and as a result, we are at the forefront for offering only the best software solutions for our customers,” said Rob Flannery, SVP of National Sales “We decided to partner with Paragon because we found their service and products to be top-notch and at an attractive price for our clients.”

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