Better safe than sorry! Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 is out now!

Pabr16Logoragon Backup & Recovery 16 is an advanced backup and safeguarding software that enables private users to perform complex backup tasks with ease. Thanks to Backup and Recovery 16, there is absolutely no need for deep IT skills or advanced computing knowledge in order to protect files and folders, partitions, disks or even the entire system. Paragon Backup & Recovery makes PC protection child’s play.

Software wizards

Not sure which setting is most suitable? No need to worry! The powerful software wizards of Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 guide users step by step through the backup jungle – and the newly designed UI will clear the path!

Free download for a limited period!
$39,95Free download for a limited period!

Backup Job Wizard

Backup Job Wizard - Backup & Recovery 16
Backup Job Wizard – Backup & Recovery 16

The Backup Job wizard is the ultimate in automated backups. Thanks to intuitive presets, less than 8 clicks are needed to set automated backup jobs for the entire windows system, single files, folders or partitions.
However, advanced users get the full control at their hands and can refine and modify existing strategies or define custom ones.

  • Set-and-forget technology: continuous PC protection without questions
  • All backup technics: including incremental backup, file based backup, differential backup, full backup, backups of particular file types, backup to virtual hard disks…
  • Flexible scheduling: daily, hourly, weekly, monthly and even erratic schedules are possible (e.g. daily, every second week, not on Wednesdays and Fridays)
  • Powerful retention mechanism: automatically deletes older backups. Based on intuitive presets or manual definitions. Backup & Recovery automatically ensures that the most recent backup is always available.
  • Pinned backups: exclude single backups from the retention policy with a single click
  • And many more

NEW: Backup Strategies:

Backup strategies enable to easily set and run backup jobs. Strategies are a settings layer that covers general settings that are needed for most backup tasks.
Existing presets are as follows:

  • Daily backup: incremental backup job with daily execution and automated retention
  • On-demand backup: backup job without scheduling for manual execution – full backups only
  • Weekly backup: one full back up once a week
  • Single backup: daily full backup, retention set to keep only one

While the daily backup job is our recommendation, users can design their very own strategy with Paragon’s new backup strategy design tool.

Single Backup Wizard

Single Backup - Backup & Recovery 16
Single Backup – Backup & Recovery 16

A handy and easy to use wizard for one-time full backups. Define what should be in, define the target and run the backup – that’s all!
It’s perfect to perform quick system or file backups e.g. during maintenance work or prior to updating the system.

Restore Wizard

Restore Wizard - Backup & Recovery 16
Restore Wizard – Backup & Recovery 16

The mighty restore wizard rules restorations of all kinds. Equally useful for retrieving the entire system, a disk or partition or only single files, the restore wizard puts the user in full control.

File transfer wizard

The file transfer wizard lets users easily transfer files from one location to another. Even though it carves out a lonesome existence in most circumstances, its relevance skyrockets if disaster strikes. The file transfer wizard combined with the recovery media helps rescue all types of files, even if the system fails to boot.

Recovery Media Builder

The recovery media builder is in fact another easy wizard for creating a WinPE recovery media based on the client’s Windows system.

WinPE-based recovery environment

With the WinPE-based recovery media, you’ll get a handy tool which lets you perform most tasks from a bootable USB stick. This is perfect to rescue files, fix boot problems or perform a bare metal restoration, even if the system fails to boot.

Advanced Settings

Backup & Recovery 16 was designed to enable everyone to protect their digital belongings – and not only advanced users . However, Backup & Recovery 16 manages the balance and provides numerous advanced possibilities such as Bitlocker support, compression level control, backup to virtual hard disks (e.g. vmdk, vhdx), file exclusions, and many more.
This makes it an interesting tool even for advanced users.

Enterprise class technologies

Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 is stuffed with enterprise-class technologies such as the rock-solid, time-tested proven backup engine or the advanced Paragon backup archive PVHD (Paragon virtual hard disk). PVHD provides a range of benefits which includes below examples:

  • Drive letter can be assigned (mount backup archives)
  • Close to common virtual hard drives -> easy to convert and use them in virtual machines
  • CRC (continuous redundancy check) included: automated consistency check, no storing of corrupted files – instead, the engine will report errors immediately
  • CRC calculation does (almost) not consume computing resources and no additional I/O operations needed. Backups will run faster and backup to the network is much more efficient compared to ‘classic’ integrity checks.

However, Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 is not limited to above examples. Why not try it yourself? Download and activate the Software until 1st of November and you’ll get it for free!

Backup & Recovery 16 - free download!
Backup & Recovery 16 – free download!


6 thoughts on “Better safe than sorry! Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 is out now!”

  1. Couldn’t get activation key, after installing PBR 16 on windows 7 x64, clean install with latest updates ans IE11.
    When I launch it, I get a blank page with :
    “Cette page ne peut pas s’afficher

    •Vérifiez que l’adresse Web est correcte.
    •Recherchez la page avec votre moteur de recherche.
    •Actualisez la page dans quelques minutes.”

    as if I’m not connected to internet.

  2. Hi Miro,

    we’ll investigate this further. As a quick workaround it may help if you change the language of this activation page to English.
    Kind Regards

    Paragon Software Group

  3. Hi,
    Backup & Recovery 16 hangs on install error 1722. Block mounter installation. This is on a clean install of windows 7 64 bit. Please fix your software.

  4. I am just testing some backup tools for Windows. For years I used Acronis TrueImage , Paragon B&R and Backup4All. For now I have a lot of suggestions for B&R16 to make it a little bit better. But there are also some issues I would like to submit. The problem is it is very difficult to bypass the 1. level support at the German department of Paragon. So my question: Is anybody out there who would like to hear my suggestions? I think B&R16 has currently the most potential to get one of the best backup tool.

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