Unique Paragon exFAT 9.0 Embedded Offers Hassle-Free Integration with Tablets, Phones and Smart TV Products and Provides the Smoothest Quality Playback and Recording of HD Video Content

Paragon exFAT 9.0 Embedded, the industry’s first driver technology that requires effortless evaluation and integration into hardware products such as tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs and other external memory-dependent consumer electronics. With its unique, hassle-free integration pack, Paragon exFAT 9.0 Embedded reduces effort required for evaluation and integration regardless of kernel configuration.

  • Zero effort, fully customizable

Fully customizable, Paragon exFAT 9.0 Embedded enables hardware manufacturers to recompile Binary Kernel Modules in various kernel-driver integration scenarios, such as modified kernel configurations, patched kernels or migration to a different kernel version.

  • Smooth playback, recording and read/write operations

The integration of Paragon exFAT 9.0 Embedded in tablets, phones and Smart TV products ensures the smoothest, fastest, highest quality playback and recording of HD video content. Optimizing usage of lower-speed interfaces and enabling portable Android devices to fully utilize bandwidth of SD I/O interfaces (e.g., SD HC), the integration of Paragon exFAT 9.0 Embedded into electronic devices reduces time-to-market and guarantees smoother read and write operations, better and faster performance on slower interfaces, and overall increased cost efficiency.

  • Over 140 MB/s read/write performance on modern hard drives

Devices and electronics integrated with Paragon exFAT 9.0 Embedded deliver the highest performance on the market, satisfying even the most demanding users. Paragon partners’ test results reveal an increase in achieved read/write performance of over 50 times compared to open-source solutions in devices with the integrated technology due to kernel-level implementation, hardware acceleration support, fine-tuning and customization. Electronic devices integrated with Paragon ExFAT 9.0 Embedded reach over 140 MB/s read/write performance on modern hard drives and are only limited by the available bandwidth of the storage interface (SDIO, USB, etc.).

Additional functionality includes:
  • “Standby mode” ensures file system consistency and reduces the need for file system checks and repairs
  • “Fast mount” enables instant access to the content. No more waiting
  • Provides reliable support for modern high-performance SDXC memory cards
  • Unique Paragon ExFAT 9.0 Embedded technology eliminates risks of any copyright issues

“Paragon exFAT 9.0 Embedded is the result of 18 years of industry expertise in anticipating our customers’ need to operate seamlessly in a world of different platforms in order to differentiate their products and bring them to market quickly,” commented Konstantin Komarov, Paragon’s CEO. “The recognized leading software developer in the data backup and recovery, and cross-platform solutions market since 1994, Paragon Software Group is a Microsoft premium technology partner and has delivered leading-edge exFAT and NTFS file system solutions to chipset vendors and device manufacturers across the world.” Paragon Software’s UFSD (Universal File System Driver) technologies have been chosen and implemented by the world’s leading companies, such as Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), NVidia (NASDAQ: NVDA), Broadcom (NASDAQ: BRCM), Realtek (NASDAQ: NVDA), Huawei-Hilicon, Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL), Telechips Corp., Acer (NASDAQ: ACEIF) and many others. Paragon was the first software developer to implement a full set of drivers with read-write access to partitions of any file system. Paragon’s portfolio, based on the company’s unique UFSD technology, includes the following products: NTFS for Linux, HFS+ for Linux, NTFS for Mac, ExtFS for Mac, HFS+ Browser for Windows, ExtFS Browser for Windows. To request a demo, please contact technology@paragon-software.com or visit http://www.paragon-software.com/technologies/


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