Tame your new OS X Lion with Paragon’s latest optimization tools

Mac users strive to get the most from their latest hardware and software. Apple solutions are generally well written, and if you do encounter issues they are often easily and painlessly resolved. Our team has prepared a very special educational article in which we discuss a few Mac peculiarities you may encounter with the latest OS X Lion, and of course, some simple tips for their resolution.

We highly recommend this very useful educational article Tame Your New OS X Lion with Paragon’s Latest Optimization Tools to all sophisticated Mac users in order to find interesting tips to get most of their hardware.

What you will find out reading the article:

– how to make use of “Lion Recovery” feature if you have a dual-system Mac
– how to effectively work in two different environments
– the best way to convert old environments into a virtual clone
and more

We are happy to share our expert opinion with Mac community and aim to keep up with Mac users’ high level of expectations. We invite you to take a look on Paragon Camptune X betaa next-generation utility that changes volume sizes in dual-boot Mac OS X/Windows systems – and provide your feedback here


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