Stay Current! Get latest product updates for Mac based applications

Paragon Software releases a stream of FREE SOFTWARE UPDATES for Mac users ensuring the most up-to-date user experience possible!

How to download your update:

1. Please, choose your software update from the list below and click on “Update now”
2. Login to your account
3. Go to “Products” / “View registered products”
4. Find the product you want to update in the list and click “Download” in the “Update” column.

Please, note that free updates are available for owners of current product versions only. Check availability*


Paragon NTFS for Mac® OS X 10.0.2

New 10.0.2 version now delivers improved stability and works better with non-Latin characters, particularly, with Cyrillic names of files/folders. Arabian language is also supported now.

Update now>>

Paragon ExtFS for Mac® OS X 9.1

Latest version has significant improvements in writing performance. Even more, three times increased productivity of utilities (check volume, formatting volumes).

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Paragon Camptune X 10.2

10.2 version of the software now delivers full windows 8 Boot Camp support. Mac users can redistribute available space between Macintosh and Windows partitions rapidly without data loss, adding free megabytes to partitions on either operating system quickly and easily.

Update now>>


*How to check your availability for the update:

1. Login to your account
2. Go to “Products” / “View registered products” 

3. Find the update(s) in the list and click “Download” in the “Update” column.


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