Paragon’s UFSD technology is now ported to UEFI to provide access to the variety of file systems

Paragon Software has ported its famous Universal File System Driver (UFSD) technology to UEFI in order to provide transparent access to NTFS, HFS+, ExFAT and ExtFS via UEFI’s Simple File System protocol. Currently the company provides support for such UEFI specifications as versions 1.10, 2.10 and 2.30 with  support for the latest 2.40 version coming soon.

With full support for popular file systems provided by Paragon’s UFSD for UEFI, our OEM customers can easily develop backup and recovery solutions for UEFI for their laptops based on virtually and OS including Windows, Linux and varieties of DOS.

UFSD SDK built for all versions of UEFI is also available for licensing, providing custom API for accessing all the file systems, including some file system features not directly available via UEFI’s Simple File System protocol.


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