Paragon’s Protect & Restore backup solution safeguards operations at the hit radio station Fréquence Plus

Paragon Software won the customer not only with PPR itself, but with the intensive technical support and active customer assistance it provides.

After thoroughly examining many different backup and disaster recovery solutions, the French regional broadcast station Fréquence Plus opted for Paragon Protect & Restore (PPR) to safeguard its extensive IT infrastructure.The broadcast station with one server, 10 employees and more than twice as many PCs was looking for an image-based backup and recovery solution they could depend on. The main factor was high resource performance and extremely fast disaster recovery to make sure the station could keep broadcasting.

With its central console, concept of archiving on additional storages (second-tier or cloud storages) and superlative data security and flexible (not to mention extremely fast) system recovery, Paragon’s PPR met all of the customer’s technical requirements. However, it required a great deal of support effort to implement the backup solution in Fréquence Plus’ IT infrastructure: the implementation process was fraught with delays, since the Paragon technicians kept finding defective data blocks on various drives, and various compatibility problems meant that several updates had to be conducted first.

PPR combines backup and disaster recovery for virtual and physical servers in a single product. The solution simplifies backup and recovery processes, thus dramatically reducing downtime. All mportant systems, applications and data are safe – and are reliably managed in a single program interface. Backups are initially saved locally and can then be archived in a downstream storage location, which can either be local as well, remote on a network, or in online storage (the cloud).

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