Paragon Software Group Releases Hard Disk Manager Version 16 with Redesigned UI, New Backup Wizards and 35 Key Features for Home Users!

Paragon Software Group releases the latest edition of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 16 – a complete all-in-one software to protect, maintain, and manage PC data. This software assembles more than thirty advanced data management technologies, including partitioning, boot correction, file and image backup, disk copying, secure data wiping (including on SSDs), and flexible recovery options. Even more, the most essential easy-to-use backup and recovery functionality is available free of charge — including Recovery Media Builder in case of data loss. Additional backup and partitioning features are available at the cost for advanced users. The new release offers a completely redesigned, intuitive UI, new handy graphics to represent feature sets, and advanced functionality to accomplish system and data management tasks easier than ever. Complete backup strategies save time and effort in configuring regular backup jobs for entire computers, individual volumes, or files. In addition to regular backups, the new release allows users to restore older copies of data files from archives created by earlier software editions.

The latest edition of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 16 also provides advanced users full control via additional backup strategy settings. The new Create Backup Job Wizard makes complex backup processes simple and ultra-fast, allowing users to define automatic backup jobs by selecting from predefined strategies. Create Backup Job Wizard has several built-in automatic backup strategies to choose from, or users can create their own. When creating your own backup strategies, users specify the start time (daily, weekly, monthly, or at specific events, such as system start or user login), adjust the number of increments created, define a strategy for deleting old archives, and control other options, such as shutting down the PC after backup. Another handy new feature is the creation of network connections, which are used to save backups on networked storage.

Despite the name, Paragon Hard Disk Manager is not only great for hard disk drives but also for solid state drives (SSDs) and virtual disks. This utility helps the home user backup and restore anything with an exact replica of a selected partition or system disk; manage partitions; permanently wipe sensitive data; and migrate specific files or the entire operating system to different storage devices. In the event of data loss, powerful restore options allow users to easily recover anything from the full system to individual files or folders. In case of boot-related problems like file system corruption or hard drive failure, the free Recovery Media Builder included in the basic version helps users create a backup that might later restore files in case booting into Windows the normal way is not possible. Most importantly, if ransomware or other malware encrypts files, the user can safely recover data using the Recovery Media Builder and restore the system to normal quickly and effortlessly.

Key features:

  • Supports Windows 10 Fall Creators Update;
  • Complete backup strategies save time and effort when configuring regular backup jobs for entire computers, individual volumes, or files;
  • Fast and safe migrations of Windows OS single partitions or entire disks to new storage devices, even those of smaller capacity;
  • Easiest, fastest, and most rock-solid drive partitioning of physical and virtual hard disk drives on the market;
  • Fix most boot issues in a couple of minutes without turning to restore or other advanced actions;
  • Permanent irreversible data erasure from any storage media type with SSD Trimming and wiping algorithms;
  • Completely new UI helps manage systems easier than ever;
  • Define scenario-based backup jobs;
  • Quick standalone/single time backups;
  • All wizards redesigned to cover more scenarios. The new UI combines wizards into modules representing a specific feature set to guide users to the right selection:

Backup & Recovery:

  • Create single backup;
  • Create backup job;
  • Restore backup;
  • File Transfer Wizard.

Partition Manager:

  • Undelete partitions;
  • Split partition;
  • Redistribute free space;
  • Merge partitions;

Disk Wiper:

  • Wipe disks or partitions;

Drive Copy:

  • Migrate (with Copy HDD and Copy partition);
  • Redesigned Express view provides ad hoc access to all wizards, each organized by color;
  • Direct control over partitioning: Move and resize partitions via drag and drop in “My Computer” disk map view or launch specific tasks via dialog:
  • Test partition surface;
  • Change primary slots;
  • Convert file system;
  • Set partition as active/inactive;
  • Convert to MBR/GPT disk;
  • Change volume label;
  • Format volume;
  • Delete volume;
  • Check File System integrity;
  • Create volume;
  • Move partition;
  • Resize partition;
  • Change drive letter;
  • Hide/unhide partition;
  • Make partition Active/Inactive;
  • Convert to logical/primary;
  • View/Edit sectors;
  • Compact MFT;
  • Defragment MFT;
  • Change partition serial number;
  • Connect virtual disk.
  • Redesigned “Show advanced properties dialog;”
  • Separate whole computer backup scenario allows users to back up all data on a PC worry-free in just three clicks;
  • Restore several objects (disks, partitions, files) in a single pass without repeatedly running wizards multiple times;
  • Fast migration to new HDDs & SSDs.

Additional functionality is also available for $79.95. Differences between basic and advanced functionality can be found at

System requirements:

Windows 7 SP1 and later.


Paragon Hard Disk Manager Version 16 is available for free download at Basic functionality is available free of charge. Advanced functionality is available for $79.95.


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  1. I have been trying to contact Paragon Software about the password reset function you their website. I have been trying to reset my password for weeks now with no luck. I type in my email address but I never receive a reset link. Any help would be welcomed.


  2. What will be the best solution as a backup/recovery software: hard disk manager or backup&recovery? I have tried some of course just to test such as crashplan, paragon, easeus but was not really satisfied with their speed of backup. For my personal point of view the only backup/recovery which can compete with acronis true image is novabackup professional, if you check some independant performance tests you can find that novastor programs are a bit faster in backup and restore speed, eg. 1.53 Gb vs 1.45 Gb. The only cons of novabackup is compression level. Have found this backup/recovery 2018 software comparison review with performance numbers

  3. Just to confirm: Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac has zero ability to convert external USB drives from FAT to APFS nondestructively, correct?

  4. Hey there,Bill!

    Backup and Recovery is a component of Hard Disk Manager. If you only wish to create backup jobs and restore from them – Backup and Recovery Advanced is perfect for you! If, however,you want more features from other scopes ( like Disk Wiper , Partition Manager and Drive Copy) ,it would make more sense to purchase Hard Disk Manager Advanced package.

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