Paragon Partners Make More Money – Partner Training

In appreciation for all of the hard work our partners do promoting and selling Paragon Software, we are running a special promotion to help get their sales people trained on what’s new with the Paragon product line. We have a growing network of resellers and partners that have been bringing Paragon Software solutions into businesses of all sizes. We have been implemented in large data centers like Rackspace and been able to provide disaster recovery solutions to colleges like Washington State University. The company has been growing at such a good rate that we had to acquire new office space to accommodate our sales and support groups.

Our partners are the life blood of the company. Unlike some other companies that claim to be channel centric and still employ a large number of direct sales people, Paragon software has a small team of sales people that leverages our reseller network to manage all of the inbound leads we get and work with our partners on opportunities they bring us into. This special limited time promotion will make sure that the sales people working for our partners are given an  incentive to be trained by giving them extra money on deals they bring to us.

In appreciation for getting trained on a leading disaster recovery and virtualization product line, you will be given a 60% discount on your first order that you bring to Paragon. Regardless if it’s a $500 license of our software or a  $10,000 deal. If you thought 35% margins were great, 60% is amazing!




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