Paragon announces Competitive Upgrade Program – 50% discount for owners of HFS+ drivers who upgrade to Paragon HFS+ for Windows 8

For a limited time only, Paragon Software is offering a 50% reduction on all owners of HFS+ drivers who upgrade to Paragon HFS+ for Windows 8. Paragon HFS+ for Windows is the industry’s fastest two-way solution, transferring files between Windows and Mac at a rate higher than native HFS file-system performance.

Paragon’s HFS+ for Windows leads the industry in being the only solution available providing full read-write access to HFS+/HFSX partitions on any type of disks (APM, GPT, MBR) and for most Windows versions, including Windows XP (32/64), Vista (32/64), 2003 or 7 (32/64) edition.

Once installed, Paragon HFS+ for Windows automatically enables the use of Mac-formatted partitions in Windows systems and applications. Being the fastest and the most stable HFS+ driver on the market, Paragon’s HFS+ for Windows easily extends the boundaries of Microsoft Windows scalability and interoperability!

Paragon HFS+ for Windows has some major advantages over competitive products.

-It has a lower cost than most comparable software in the channel

-It features built-in support for GPT disks under Windows XP. Unlike competitors’ products, there is no additional cost to buy GPTMounter

-It gives a higher level of performance (up to 50% on small files). According to performance tests, Paragon HFS+ for Windows performs up to 7 times faster than its competitors

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For information about how to upgrade your old HFS+ driver to Paragon HFS+ for Windows 8:


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