NTFS For Mac 15 Preview: A New Perspective on Windows Partitions

It finally happened: We’re releasing a preview version of Paragon NTFS for Mac 15! Two years have passed since version 14, during which time we’ve gathered a lot of feedback from you. So, let us proudly present a fresh version of our well-known Mac software utility that eliminates boundaries with the Windows operating systems, enabling full read and write access to Windows-formatted drives on macOS.

  • New file system driver engine

The new edition comes with a robust new engine that guarantees advanced support of the latest NTFS file systems such as Windows 10 system compression and provides even faster, more transparent access to NTFS partitions under macOS.

  • Completely redesigned UI

We’ve designed the new UI based on your requests and feedback. Now all product functionality and options have been migrated from the previous System Preference Pane to a standalone macOS application:


A menubar application provides quick information on mounted volumes, as well as startup and verify options:


Here’s what it looks from the macOS Finder:


Based on your feedback, we’ve also added support for two color themes: Dark and Light.


  • New mount options

The first option, “Mount in read-only mode,” denies write access to the selected volume to keep sensitive data intact. The second, “Do not mount automatically,”  prevents a volume from being mounted automatically on system startup or when the storage device is reconnected.


  • Support for Spotlight indexing

Spotlight is a search feature of Apple’s desktop and mobile operating systems designed to quickly locate specific data including documents, music, and pictures. Spotlight also delivers other benefits, including quick access to definitions from the built-in dictionary. This feature is helpful without compromising performance by working periodically in the background. A major re-indexing only occurs after a major OS update.

  • New OS Boot manager

The program detects all bootable volumes available on the system, allowing you to choose the one you’d like to boot from. After selecting a startup volume, you can choose whether to restart your Mac from it immediately or postpone the operation until next time.

Thanks to your feedback, we have managed to create a great utility you’re sure to love. Please give it a try, and feel free to provide us with any thoughts or ideas about this new release. It’s free to use until September 1st, 2017, so click here to download the latest version, or check your MyParagon account if you already own a previous version.


9 thoughts on “NTFS For Mac 15 Preview: A New Perspective on Windows Partitions”

  1. Hey there,
    thanks for your great piece of software!

    I have one problem thats kind of annoying:
    Since I installed NTFS for Mac 15 Preview Im not able to delete every single file on the Mac. I get the following error:
    “The process can not be completed since one needed Object was not found (Error -43)” (Translated from German)

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I am facing the same problem and I use the purchase version

    I found that many people facing the same issue if you try to google it

  3. Hi! Please make sure you’re using the latest software build currently officially available: 15.1.26.
    You can always download it from either official product web-page or from your MyParagon account -> My Downloads.
    Web-page: Click
    MyParagon permanent link: Click

    Whether the issue persists, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team through software interface or your MyParagon account.

  4. Hey there,Paul!
    If you previously purchased NTFS for Mac 12 or 14,you should have received an Upgrade offer in your account.Please log into your account at and click on ‘My Upgrades’ tab.You will find the Upgrade offer there

  5. Hi! I’m migrating soon from a Windows 8.1 computer, to IMac. I’ve got two 6Tb Seagate external USB drives, one is my main data disk, the other is backup. NTFS For Mac 15 has been recommended so that I can continue using these drives without reformatting. Will NTFS For Mac 15 support both drives simultaneously, including backing up from one to the other?

  6. Dear Martin,
    NTFS for Mac 15 has been tested to work with Volumes of up to 20TB of capacity.Our software also supports mounting multiple NTFS drives as well as moving files from one NTFS disk to another!

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