New Paragon Partition Manager 12: faster engine, safest performance, advanced split and merge functionality

Intuitive and extremely easy-to-use Partition Manager 12 Home and Professional editions perform ALL types of partitioning tasks. Supports the latest generation of hard drives and GPT partitioning schemes; expanded split and merge functions

Paragon Partition Manager 12 is one of the fastest and most reliable partitioning solutions available on the market to handle all PC data partitioning tasks with ease. Compatible with all new hard drive technologies, such as SSDs and hybrid data storage systems, Paragon Partition Manager 12 – with its advanced new partitioning engine – supports GPT partitioning schemes as well as all major file systems. Expanded split and merge functions now allow users to allocate specific files and folders to new partitions before performing the operation, enabling a more flexible modification of the partition layout. The software supports Windows 8 (tested under the “Developers’ Preview” version).

New engine ensures maximum flexibility

The new partitioning engine is highly compatible with all of the latest-generation hard drives, including SSDs, AFDs and 512e hard drives, as well as bridge technologies such as hybrid hard drives. The engine supports all file systems that are currently relevant on the market, in addition to the GPT partitioning scheme, which is becoming increasingly widespread due to the UEFI and prevalence of data devices over 2 TB. Paragon Partition Manager 12 is also useful in conversions between various partition schemes and file systems – including NTFS to HFS and vice-versa – without losing data, and supports UEFI installations of operating systems. With enhanced VSS communication between the software and the MS Windows service, faster hot partitioning start up and functionality over the previous version, and no forced restarts after installation, Paragon Partition Manager 12 meets the highest standards in all partitioning tasks.

“The new partitioning engine is the fastest and most powerful Paragon has developed to date,” says Paragon CEO Konstantin Komarov. “This makes it a must-have item for all PC users who want to organize their data storage systems by dividing or re-dividing them and have the maximum flexibility when working with their data.”

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