MicroAge Partners With Paragon Software to Offer Data Security and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Paragon’s Drive Backup and Partition Manager products will provide data security, storage management for MicroAge clients nationwide

MicroAge is known for creating custom-tailored solutions to complex business problems, providing advanced technology from leading suppliers at competitive prices.
Paragon’s products allow MicroAge to build powerful, yet affordable, solutions for business continuity and increased IT infrastructure efficiency, but they can also be used as stand-alone solutions.

“This partnership is clearly a win-win for MicroAge and our clients,” states Mark McKeever, MicroAge COO, “Paragon’s products are better, faster and less expensive than their competitors’. Plus, Paragon has already proven that they are a true ‘partner’, and that they are 100% committed to providing a high level of service to MicroAge and our customers, both pre- and post-sale.”

Out in the field, MicroAge has found that clients who want an alternative to other available solutions are extremely happy with Paragon’s products.

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