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Paragon Software is more than a Disaster Recovery, Virtualization and Server Optimization company. A part of our business is dedicated to mobile applications mostly around providing dictionaries and encyclopedias for mobile phones and devices. These can help you with your current language or help you learn a new one.


Paragon is currently running a special for Oxford Dictionaries. These can be run on Blackberry, iPhone, Andriod, Windows Mobile and other mobile platforms. These dictionaries can also be stored on your PC or Mac.

Here are some interesting facts about the Oxford dictionary.

  • Amount of ink used to print complete run: 2,830 kilos or 6,243 lbs.
  • Number of words in entire text: 59 million
  • Number of printed characters: 350 million
  • Equivalent person years used to ‘key in’ text to convert to machine-readable form: 120
  • Equivalent person years to proof-read text: 60
  • Number of entries: 291,500
  • Number of main entries: 231,100
  • Number of main entries for obsolete words: 47,100
  • Number of main entries for spurious words: 240
  • Number of main entries for non-naturalized words: 12,200
  • Longest entry in Dictionary: the verb ‘set’ with over 430 senses consisting of approximately 60,000 words or 326,000 characters
  • Number of cross-reference entries: 60,400
  • Number of cross-references within entries: 580,600
  • Number of word forms defined and/or illustrated: 615,100
  • Number of pronunciations: 139,900
  • Number of etymologies: 219,800
  • Number of quotations: 2,436,600
  • Most frequently quoted work : Bible (est. 25,000 quotations)
  • Most frequently quoted single author: Shakespeare (approx. 33,300 quotations)

With such a GRAND amount of information included, what’s stopping you from getting a copy?

All dictionaries are 70% off through the end of May.



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