Hard Disk Manager 15 Preview is available for a free 90-day evaluation!

A complete data management tool for physical and virtual storage with maximum flexibility for SMBs and enterprises

Paragon Software released a free 90-day trial of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Preview, a complete data management solution with flexible physical and virtual backup formats for businesses. HDM 15 supports the right backup formats for a variety of tasks including archiving or virtualization. Unlike traditional backup methods, HDM 15 supports a wide range of virtual disk formats, making it ideal for use with virtual machines. The Connect VD (Virtual Drive) feature allows IT administrators to set the partitioning and editing of virtual data media in just the same way they would with regular physical hard disks. VD backup features now provide the full set of backup tools, including file complement, incremental backup and others.

New major features include:

·         Virtual container replaces the previous backup archive

·         Recovery Media Builder 3.0

·         Easy virtualization

·         MS Hyper-V backup

·         Incremental, differential and file-based backups to virtual containers

A free 90-day evaluation of  Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Preview is available to download. The commercial version of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 is scheduled for release in fall 2014 and will offer a free 30-day evaluation period.

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