Axentra Corporation Chooses Paragon Software to Provide Its Universal File System Drive (UFSD) Cross Platform Technology

Axentra’s HipServ® Platform Now Features Paragon UFSD Technology for Full High Performance Access to Windows and Mac Formatted Hard Drives

The first Axentra product to include Paragon’s technology is the award-winning HipServ® digital home server software and services platform, designed to store, manage, share, and enjoy digital media from a PC, mobile phones, gaming consoles or other compatible devices such as Digital Media Adapters, networked music players and many more.

And now with Paragon NTFS for Linux and HFS+ for Linux, users will be able to attach their Windows and/or Mac-formatted drives to their central home media server, then flawlessly play back their contents. Best of all, Paragon’s technology will allow any device no matter what OS they are running to securely access and share files to/from the attached drive.

“Paragon was a natural fit for us because of their unique UFSD technology for cross-platform compatibility coupled with the best read/write performance available — a critical component for a home media server where multiple users can simultaneously access to download, playback, and share content”, said Eric Lefebvre, EVP of Corporate and Business Development, Axentra Corporation.

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