AppliedMicro incorporates Paragon’s NTFS and HFS+ for Linux drivers into the APM821XX SoC family for OEM network storage devices

Enables Linux-Based Appliances With Full Read/Write Access to Externally Attached Windows- and Mac-Formatted Hard Drives

Paragon’s NTFS and HFS+ for Linux® drivers were selected by embedded processing manufacturer Applied Micro Circuits Corp., or AppliedMicro for incorporation into their new family of APM821xx GHz Processors. The bundled solution speeds up communication between APM-based appliances and attached storage. The NTFS and HFS+ for Linux drivers enable full read/write access to both Windows®- and Mac®-formatted drives that are externally attached to AppliedMicro’s APM821xx platforms — making it an ideal product for OEM network storage appliances (NAS).

Two of Paragon’s most popular cross-platform technologies, NTFS and HFS+ for Linux, are designed to eliminate barriers between embedded Linux devices and attached Windows- and Mac-formatted hard drives, and feature the highest performance in the market — so critical for network environments where multiple users may simultaneously download, share and playback content such as high definition Blu-ray™ quality video.

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