Free APFS Retrofit Kit for macOS Grants Instant Access to APFS-Formatted Storage on Legacy HFS+ Mac Systems

Paragon Software releases the new, free APFS Retrofit Kit for macOS – a system driver which enables read-only access to APFS (Apple File System) volumes under macOS 10.12 or earlier versions. For Mac users working on legacy versions of Mac OS X and macOS where APFS is natively not supported, the tool allows instant, read-only access to APFS-formatted data stored on hard disk drives, solid-state storage, or flash thumb drives.

Once installed, the driver requires no additional interaction from the user. The software delivers:

  • Stable Operation: Fail-safe operation across compatible hardware and software systems for general-purpose and specialized applications.
  • Data Safety: Protection of data integrity, along with prevention of accidental data corruption or loss.
  • Guaranteed Performance: Steady, balanced throughput with effective flow control, reduced overhead, and no data congestion.
  • Efficient Use: Thrifty usage of processor, memory, and disk resources.


To download APFS Retrofit Kit for macOS, please visit No registration is required.


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