Paragon Software releases cost-effective data protection bundle for Windows Server essential customers

Backup and Disaster Recovery Leader Addresses SMBs’ Data Protection and Disk Optimization Needs with a Comprehensive Package for Windows 2012 Server Essentials Licenses

Paragon Server Essentials Bundle for Windows gives small to midsize business (SMB) customers purchasing a Microsoft Windows 2012 Server Essentials license a cost-effective yet comprehensive solution for protecting the data within their organization.

Now available, the bundle provides Paragon’s SMB clients with everything they need to implement a robust, simple and effective data protection strategy with a solution that’s currently being used in enterprise environments. The Paragon Server Essentials Bundle for Windows includes award-winning Hard Disk Manager 15 (HDM) server backup and disaster recovery software as well as 25 Windows-based workstation licenses configured with XP, Windows 8 or another operating system (OS).  Paragon’s Hard Disk Manager also features a valuable set of disk optimization utilities including advanced partitioning, secure disk wiping, OS migrations as well as imaging and system deployment functionality at no additional charge.

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Resellers interested in more information on Paragon’s Pure Channel program, please visit or call 888.347.5462.

Paragon Software releases New Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite and Pro editions

New features include embedded Recovery Media Builder 3.0, file-level backup and restore for virtual containers, agentless protection of Hyper-V guest machines. Windows 10 users get a free update with the release of the new platform.

We’re happy to announce the release of Paragon Hard Disk Manager (HDM) 15 Suite and Professional – complete, all-in-one data management solutions for Windows PC users working in physical or virtual environments. The new HDM 15 lets users create backups directly in the form of virtual disks in any of the supported formats (pVHD, VMDK, VHD, VHDX). The Professional edition now delivers high-performance file exclusion filters for efficient backup and recovery operations, the capability of editing virtual hard disks, Hyper-V guest system backup, powerful scripting, and expanded support for virtual machines. Both editions allow the creation of bootable recovery media. HDM 15 Suite unites more than 20 advanced data management technologies, including partitioning, boot correction, file and image backup, disk copying, secure data wiping (even on SSDs), and flexible recovery options. The Professional version is packed with even more features. HDM 15 Suite and Professional users get an update to Windows 10 support for free!

New functions in HDM 15 Suite:

  • Embedded Recovery Media Builder 3.0 makes it extremely easy and flexible to create your own personal recovery environment
  • File-level backup/restore for virtual containers
  • Wipe SSDs user-friendly and permanently
  • Revised User Interface for easier navigation

New functions in HDM 15 Professional include all of the above, plus:

  • Agentless protection of Hyper-V guest machines
  • P2V-Restore from virtual containers

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Hard Disk Manager 15 Preview is available for a free 90-day evaluation!

A complete data management tool for physical and virtual storage with maximum flexibility for SMBs and enterprises

Paragon Software released a free 90-day trial of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Preview, a complete data management solution with flexible physical and virtual backup formats for businesses. HDM 15 supports the right backup formats for a variety of tasks including archiving or virtualization. Unlike traditional backup methods, HDM 15 supports a wide range of virtual disk formats, making it ideal for use with virtual machines. The Connect VD (Virtual Drive) feature allows IT administrators to set the partitioning and editing of virtual data media in just the same way they would with regular physical hard disks. VD backup features now provide the full set of backup tools, including file complement, incremental backup and others.

New major features include:

·         Virtual container replaces the previous backup archive

·         Recovery Media Builder 3.0

·         Easy virtualization

·         MS Hyper-V backup

·         Incremental, differential and file-based backups to virtual containers

A free 90-day evaluation of  Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Preview is available to download. The commercial version of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 is scheduled for release in fall 2014 and will offer a free 30-day evaluation period.

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New Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Hyper-V Preview is available to SMBs for free download!

Agentless backup for Hyper-V clients – fast, free, absolutely unique! Available for FREE download until June 30th, 2014

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Hyper-V Preview is designed to protect virtual machines hosted by Microsoft Hyper-V. Unlike traditional backup tools designed to work with physical machines, it can operate at the virtualization layer, employing MS VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to agentlessly backup/restore any guest machine of Hyper-V. Thus our solution doesn’t need an agent on a target virtual machine to create its point-in-time copy including its configuration, operating system, apps, etc. This approach significantly enhances the backup performance, while minimizing the load on target machines and the hypervisor during the process. Besides, there’s no need to provide credentials for every guest to do backups.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Hyper-V Preview perfectly matches the needs of IT administrators of small and medium-size businesses seeking a reliable tool to handle the full IT management cycle, including protection of virtual machines hosted by Microsoft Hyper-V.

– Supports Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1

– Installation takes only 5 minutes on Hyper-V host

– Supports SMB 3.0 hosted virtual machines

– Restore to a new location

– Wide choice of backup formats – VHDX, VHD, pVHD or VMDK

– Incremental Hyper-V backup coming soon!

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Hyper-V is a preview of a full-fledged commercial product and it is available to all SMBs for free download till June 30th, 2014

Paragon Software updates Hard Disk Manager 14 Family with major new features

Cyclic Backup to Virtual Drive, Merge pVHD Increments, UIM Support for VHDx Format and EFI Support for P2V Restore

Paragon Software releases major new features in Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 family (includes SuiteProfessionalBusiness and Premium editions) – the all-inclusive data management tools for Windows PC users and IT administrators of small to medium size businesses. Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 editions offer the perfect set of tools to maintain and administer PCs and work stations with minimal effort over their entire life cycle.

New features include Merge pVHD increments, mount encrypted pVHD, support for VHDx virtual containers and others.

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Windows BitLocker and Paragon’s backup solutions

Use Paragon’s Backup Tools With Windows BitLocker to Protect Against Data Loss and Unauthorized Access

Approximately 60% of all computers sold worldwide today are portable. Portable computers are taken everywhere: home, vacations, or business trips. It makes them an easy target for criminals, especially for the private data they contain. Flash drives are also an easy theft target. Even a failed hard drive that you send back to your vendor for warranty is a potential threat to your private intellectual property. How can your personal data be protected? With one word – encryption!

Paragon Software Group (PSG) has developed an bylined article and a white paper explaining how to protect data all-around on user’s PC, hard drive or flash drive against unauthorised access and data loss. The paper focuses on Windows BitLocker (data encryption) and Paragon’s backup software. Providing support for BitLocker, the native encryption feature in Windows, Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 (HDM 14) allows users to protect valuable or private data not only from accidental loss but also from unauthorized access. HDM 14 delivers faster data protection than BitLocker, as well as data recovery of BitLocker encrypted partitions.

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Paragon Software launches Hard Disk Manager 14 Business and Premium editions for SMBs and enterprise customers

Paragon Software announced the launch of Paragon Hard Disk Manager (HDM) 14 Business and Paragon Hard Disk Manager (HDM) 14 Premium editions, following last month’s release of the home-user products, HDM 14 Suite and HDM 14 Professional. HDM 14 offers the most extensive set of imaging and disk management utilities for administrators, including backup and disaster recovery, live server migration (P2V, V2P, V2V, and P2P), virtualization, partitioning, partition alignment, and secure disk wiping. Flexible licensing options are available along with the most competitive reseller margins in the industry.

“Since 1998, Hard Disk Manager has been the utility of choice to protect systems and data for field engineers, IT administrators and desktop support technicians,” said Tom Fedro, president, Paragon Software Group. “With the launch of HDM 14, we have raised the bar even further offering the most comprehensive disk-management suite available to empower our users to confidently address any sever- or workstation-based technical issue they encounter.”

Paragon’s image-based backup and recovery technology is entrusted by airports, the International Space Station, universities, global manufacturing companies and value-added resellers (VARs) in every industry.

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New Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 – one-step migration to solid-state drives

Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 a one-step tool to help with Windows systems migration to new storage devices – solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs) –  instantly performs fast and safe Windows migrations to HDD or SSD and even downsizes to smaller capacity drives, thanks to advanced data exclusion capabilities. You can transfer a live system with no impact to your work, and have your partitions automatically aligned in the process, if needed. The new release fully supports Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 and comes with the new user-friendly interface that is fully compatible with the Windows 8 streamlined, tile-oriented interface.

The technology that powers Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 comes from Paragon’s Hard Disk Manager 14, the company’s recently upgraded full-function disk management toolkit that also provides optimization of NTFS volumes, Windows migration to dissimilar hardware, backup and recovery, simplified virtualization of an existing system, and more.

New and major features in Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 4.0:

  • NEW! Support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • NEW! Windows 8-style GUI
  • The option to build a WinPE bootable media to do migrations or to fix various boot problems without installing the product
  • Migration of 64-bit Windows systems configured to the uEFI-based boot mode directly under Windows, without any work interruption or having to reboot

Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 is available for a limited offer price of $13.95 (regular price $19.95)

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Paragon Software releases Hard Disk Manager 14 with a set of major new features

Complete Support of uEFI Configurations, Storage Spaces, Metro-Style GUI, Advanced Backup and Recovery with 10x Faster Incremental Imaging to the Net, Smooth Migration to SSD or in a Virtual Environment, Rock-stable Partitioning, Secure Data Wiping and much more!

Paragon’s famous data protection and management tool, available in Suite and Professional editions, gains a host of new features including Windows 8.1 support and an enhanced and faster disk imaging technology.

HDM 14 is the all-inclusive data management tool for Windows users to maintain and administer PCs and work stations with minimal effort over their entire life cycle. HDM 14 is compatible with the Windows 8 streamlined, tile-oriented interface, offering a Metro-style express launcher and a ribbon-based full-scale launcher. Hard drives can be partitioned and data can be backed up using a variety of backup routines no matter whether they are in physical or virtual environments. HDM 14 supports dynamic drives and presents users with the ideal solution for modern hard disk management.

Providing support for Windows BitLocker, HDM 14 Professional edition allows users to protect valuable or private data not only from accidental loss but also from unauthorized access. HDM 14 delivers faster data protection than the native Windows feature, as well as data recovery of BitLocker encrypted partitions.

See the full features comparison list for both Suite and  Professional editions.

“Hard Disk Manager has been helping Windows users manage and back up their storage for almost 15 years. HDM 14 keeps pace with current practices through full support for Windows 8.1, faster backup to network, and features to assist migration to solid state drives,” says Konstantin Komarov, CEO of Paragon Software Group. “Paragon Software looks forward to meeting its customers’ evolving storage management needs in the years ahead,” he added.

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Paragon Software Group celebrates the 15th anniversary of Hard Disk Manager

All-in-One Tool Kit Simplifies Backup & Disaster Recovery, Imaging, Virtualization and Disk Management Operations — Per-seat and Technicians Licenses Available

Hard Disk Manager Technician License (TL) is the perfect software for companies with support teams that are maintaining a large number of systems in the field, such as medical or other high-tech equipment manufacturers, or large organizations with a highly distributed environment, e.g. financial institutions or large restaurant chains. Many customers combine Tech Licenses with per-seat and volume licenses for maximum license coverage and flexibility.

Hard Disk Manager Technician License comes in 4 different editions, tailored to the needs of companies of different sizes and environments: Basic, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.

Customer Testimonials:

“Paragon was the only backup and disaster recovery software vendor offering the most comprehensive software solution and knowledgeable staff. Hard Disk Manager did everything I needed it to do, providing the best value,” said Ben Spain, IT manager for Industrial Molds.

“I searched for nine months for software that enabled me to migrate my customers’ servers to new drives or all new hardware without hassle and without any risk of data loss,” said David Ward, president of Guardian I.T. Services. “I narrowed it down to two products: one, at nearly $1,000 per server, was pretty much cost-prohibitive; the second, Paragon Hard Disk Manager fit the bill perfectly. Not only does it offer twice the features at half the cost as the other option, but it also comes as a Technician License, which brings the per-server cost down even more. On a server restore or migration, no other software comes close in restore time, reliability and ease-of-use. I recommend HDM TL for any company with field technical support.”

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